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Handmade book presented in it’s own clamshell box. It contains 12 archival pigment photographs from Pompeii, Oplantis and Villa San Marco, which are located in the Campania region of Italy. An ancient floor frieze runs down the back of the book.

It is printed on rag paper, contains letterpress printing and is bound in handmade paper.

Edition of 7 • 2008




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Chimneys of Burano

Burano is a small island in the Venetian lagoon known since the Sixteenth Century for its lacemaking and brightly colored houses. Legend has it that Burano’s fishermen chose to paint their homes contrasting colors so they would be able to recognize them from the sea. The sculptural forms and hues of the chimneys were easily visible from a distance, guiding the sailors home.

Chimneys of Burano by Gail Skoff, is an 11″ x 15″ double sided accordion book in a clamshell box. It includes 18 archival photographs printed on Moab Entrade Rag Natural paper by The Lightroom and was bound by John DeMerritt Bookbinding with letterpress printing by Patricia Curtan and handmade paper by Cave Papers. It contains a map of the Venetian Lagoon which is stamped in gold, as is the box.

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Sanghyang Dedari Balinese Trance Dance

Handmade book bound in raw silk containing 11 toned hand colored photographs of the ritual Trance Dance in Bali, mounted on rag paper. There is a handwritten text describing the dance with calligraphy by Georgianna Greenwood. Book binding by the Shuberth Bookbindery.

Edition of 3 • 1978